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Frequently Asked Questions

Unexpected delays are unfortunately a common part of the manufacturing industry. Machines need repairs, tools break, and parts are sometimes scrapped. It goes with the territory. The progress tracker in your online account will keep you informed on what step your order is in, and if something causes your order to miss the deadline we will notify you as soon as possible and work with you to find an agreeable resolution.

We offer instant pricing for shipping by UPS, FedEx, and USPS. We are also able to arrange LTL shipments if your order requires it due to size or weight. You may also arrange your own LTL shipping, or pick up the order yourself at our shop in Kenosha.

Please send an email with your request using the subject line “Payment Terms – [your company name]” to We may request credit and bank references. Upon approval, the option will automatically be added to your online account.

We are not, but our quality

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