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CNC Router

  • Description

    High spindle speeds and large workspaces make CNC routers incredibly useful tools. They are ideal for when you need precise plastic paneling, custom inlayed wood signs, or repeatable trimming of composite layups, among many other things. The precision and rigidity are not as good as mills, but these machines offer a cost effective alternative when your requirements allow it.

  • Standard Guidelines

    Maximum part size:

    • 24″ x 48″ x 2″

    Standard tolerances:

    • ±0.01″ (±0.254mm)
    • Sharp internal corners along the tool length will be interpreted as a 0.063″ radius

    If you have tighter requirements than these, please upload a drawing including your complete part definition.

  • Materials

    Materials that are available for instant quoting are:

    Wood – MDF, Plywood
    Plastic – Acrylic, Polycarbonate

    Other materials are available by request. Select “Other” in the drop down menu and include it in the order notes.

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